Virtual and Socially-Distant Fundraising Ideas

I hope you have had an excellent start to 2021 with a successful spring recruitment event! Now that the semester has started, it's time to begin planning for Derby Days and other philanthropy events. I know it still won't look like what it's been in the past, but that doesn't mean it can't be a fun and unifying time to raise money for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). 

I've included 7 event ideas that you can host virtually or socially distanced to kick start your planning and for more details, click here for "how to's" for each event idea.

1.  Fundraising Kickoff Session:

An opening fundraising event is a great way to get your brothers, campus community, and sponsors to know the week's schedule, but more importantly, reemphasize the meaning behind the week. Feel free to invite women into the event to introduce Sigma Chi's new pledge dedicated toward women's cancer research, treatment, and wellness at HCI and reach out to us to ask for tips, talking points, pictures, slide decks, etc.

2.  March Madness Bracket:

A March Madness bracket is possibly the most effortless event to do because of the familiarity and access to third-party sites that can track the scoring for you. The only planning required is procuring the winning prizes and marketing. It even allows you to have a greater reach by incorporating some creativity in your bracket selections. You can also have an alumni bracket, campus community bracket, sorority bracket etc.

3.  Zoom Lip Sync Battle:

A zoom lip sync is a creative alternative to replace dance contests, talent shows, etc. and is probably the most entertaining virtual event we have seen so far. You can have it be "live" or pre-recorded. To achieve a successful event, have three judges give remarks after each performance, select a campus official, local celebrity predominant alumni etc. You can also sell tickets to watch or even have the "audience" vote through donations (each dollar is a vote).

4.  Video Game Tournament:

A video game tournament can be a fabulous stand-alone event and doesn't require much planning. The tournament rules depend on the game, but keeping the bracket organized and updated on social media with each game's results will keep participants engaged. You can break down the tournament to last over a few days if needed. The keys to success for this type of event is to have a sought-after tournament prize and well-managed rules in place.

5.  Cow Pie Bingo:

The idea is pretty straight-forward. An enclosed area in a field needs to be marked off into a grid of squares. Each square is given a number, and participants buy a square. When enough squares are sold, a cow or other farm animal is allowed onto the field. Spectators wait until the cow splats—the owner of the square that receives the winnings.

6.  Online Auction:

In any year, an online auction is a great way to get your extended community involved in Derby Days! To host an auction, first reach out to family, friends, and local businesses asking for donations for the auction. Once you have collected all of your items, decide if you will use an online auction site or keep track of the bidding yourself. Before your event, set the starting bid. Once the auction ends, the item will be delivered or mailed to the highest bidder.

7.  Venmo Bingo:

Venmo Bingo is an easy and interactive way to utilize social media to fundraise for cancer research at HCI. Members from your chapter and other participants will post a bingo card template on social media with dollar amounts listed. As that person receives a Venmo, they mark off their board, usually with the donor's handle, and the goal is to try to get a bingo or a blackout for an incentive from that chapter.

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Thank you for all you do to bring hope to those facing a cancer diagnosis – now and in the future! As always, our team is here to answer questions and help however we can.

Best Wishes,