We have answers to all your questions! If you can’t find the answers here please email events@huntsmanfoundation.org or give us a call at 801.584.5800.

Is this a breast cancer fundraiser?

Not just! The first pink ski day started at Vail Mountain in 2012. Pink Vail started as a fundraising event to support breast cancer, specifically, but has since grown to support all patients at Shaw Cancer Center in Vail, Colorado. Pink Park City was started in 2018 and is supporting research for ALL types of cancer by raising money for Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. Participants and donors even have the opportunity to restrict their funds to support research for a specific type of cancer.

How much does it cost to participate?

Registration fees:

  • $35 – General Participant
  • $135 – General Participant + Beanie
  • $500 – General Participant + Beanie and Jacket
  • $1,000 – VIP Participant (includes beanie, jacket, and entry to the VIP tent)

Participants are encouraged to help raise funds through their personal fundraising page and can receive incentives for reaching different fundraising levels. We recommend that everyone set a goal of raising $500.

Does the registration fee include a lift ticket?

No, you will need to purchase a lift ticket if you would like to participate in any on-mountain activities. You don’t need to have a lift ticket to enjoy Pink Park City. Your registration fee covers all festivities at Base Camp in Canyons Village where we will have activities, music, giveaways, and Checkpoint Challenge activities going on all day.

Do I have to ski to participate and have fun?

No, you don’t need to buy a lift ticket or ski to enjoy Pink Park City. Your registration fee covers all festivities at Base Camp in Canyons Village where we will have activities, music, giveaways, and Checkpoint Challenge activities going on all day.

Is this a race?

Pink Park City is a non-competitive event that anyone can participate in- you don’t even have to ski to have fun!

Where does the money go?

100% of all funds raised go to support research for all types of cancers at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. By funding efforts to better understand the beginnings of cancer and more effectively treat cancer, you help relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors, and their families when you give. Cancer patients, caregivers, and donors are encouraged to come together in a myriad of ways to fight cancer individually and collectively through fundraising programs and events like Pink Park City.

How do I become a VIP?

You can Register as a VIP, or receive a VIP pass as an incentive for raising more than $1,000 through the event. VIPs will receive a Pink Park City beanie and jacket, and will have access to the VIP tent for complimentary food, drinks, and a view of the concert stage. Each VIP can bring a plus one with them into the VIP tent. For each additional $100 raised, VIP participants may bring another guest into the tent (up to five total).

What is the Checkpoint Challenge?

From 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, all participants can join in the Checkpoint Challenge by visiting different locations to for deck parties, giveaways, and activities. At each location, they will check in with a Pink Park City volunteer who will punch their event credentials and enter them into the Checkpoint Challenge drawing. Prizes will be chosen after the checkpoint challenge closes at 2:00 PM and announced after the Rally For Hope Parade.

Checkpoints for the 2019 Checkpoint Challenge include:

  • Diamond Deck Party at Red Tail Grill – sponsored by Diamonds Direct
  • Waldorf Astoria Deck Party at Red Pine Lodge – sponsored by Waldorf Astoria Park City
  • Canyon Mountain Sports Retailer in Canyons Village
  • Smartwool Retailer in Canyons Village
  • The North Face Retailer in Canyons Village

What is the Rally For Hope Parade?

From 2-2:20 PM, participants gather in groups at the corner of Doc’s Run and Sunrise to ski down the mountain in the Rally For Hope Parade. This is an opportunity to celebrate life and to show solidarity for all those affected by cancer.

How do I raise funds?

A personal fundraising page is created when you sign up for Pink Park City, and it’s a great tool to track donations and progress towards your goal. Visit our TOOLKIT for tips and ideas that have helped other fundraisers.

Are gifts made through my fundraising page tax deductible?

Yes, Huntsman Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donors will receive an emailed receipt at the time of their gift.