Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the one thing that hasn’t changed is Huntsman Cancer Foundation’s (HCF) mission to advance lifesaving cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). The staff at HCF is still continuing business as usual, just virtually, and 100% of all funds that have been previously donated and are still generously being donated are currently being utilized by cancer researchers at HCI. Cancer doesn’t stop and neither will we.

STEP 1 – Commit to raising funds for cancer research, even amid COVID-19

Make a commitment to run, walk, ride, or support in your own way to further cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Ask others to join you by creating a team. Work together to set a team fundraising goal. And set other goals, such as miles walked or ridden, steps taken, or hold a mini field day with your family to get out and enjoy each other on June 12, 2021.

Another big part of your commitment to raising funds for cancer research is to remember your WHY. Even though we are physically distancing right now, we can still show loved ones battling cancer we care by dedicating your participation in the Huntsman SportsFest virtually in their honor.

STEP 2 – Plan Your Day of Virtual Participation

The power of a plan! We love the flexibility of a virtual event, but we know creating a plan makes for a seamless day and the motivation to follow through. You can join us from anywhere you are and you can start at any time on June 12. Whether that is 10 am for those late-risers or 6 am for those who want to beat the heat! Practice smart social-distancing by setting out on your own and enjoy exploring new run or ride routes you’ve always wanted to try! If it’s a new route, be sure to plan it out and/or upload it to your fitness tracker so you can track your endurance goals. Once you decide how you will participate see the registration option that fits you best:


Virtual Huntsman Ride - Any distance you want and any route you choose


Virtual Huntsman Run - Any distance you want and any route you choose

Virtual Huntsman Run Kids FunK - Set-up a kid’s Fun K course around your neighborhood and make family posters to cheer your kids across the virtual finish line.

Choose Your Own Virtual Experience - Choose an activity that works for you. This could be a hike, playing pickleball, a family bingo tournament, or watching your favorite show. The possibilities are endless, and up to you to decide what works best to make this day your own!

STEP 3 – Personalize your fundraising page

A personal fundraising page is created when you sign up to run, walk, ride, or support in the Huntsman SportsFest, and it’s a great tool to let others know why you are raising money for cancer research. Are you raising money in honor of a family member? In memory of a friend? Or for yourself? Personalize your web page with your story and photos. A real-life story makes your fundraising efforts personal and powerful.

STEP 4 – Start (or continue) training and track your miles or steps

Track your training and event day miles via Strava and/or Charity Miles. Check them out below. Through this platform, we have created “goals” which riders can join to participate in public leaderboards with other SportsFest athletes. Our “training goal” will track your hours in the saddle (and miles pedaled) between now and the event. The “event goals” (different distances) will track your progress toward the finish line on event day. Visit the Huntsman Heroes RideWithGPS dashboard to join our goals, connect with other cyclists, and view our official course and training routes.

Strava: Strava is a fitness-tracking and social media app designed for runners and cyclists with three main features: Tracking, connecting, and competing. Join the two Huntsman groups and connect with other Huntsman athletes.

Strava Huntsman Run Group
Strava Huntsman Ride Group

Charity Miles app will track your mileage and allow people to pledge funds for miles that you have run or ridden and goals you have met. Click here for the Charity Miles set-up video. And Charity Miles links up with your Strava!

Facebook Groups: For anyone new to Huntsman SportsFest, join our Huntsman Heroes Facebook groups for guidance on how to prepare to run or ride long distances from our running and cycling coaches. Click here for the Huntsman Heroes Running Group OR here for the Huntsman Heroes Cycling Group. While we don’t require you to track mileage, we encourage you to use your favorite tracking app and save your training miles to upload it into this new mile tracker

STEP 5 – Start (or continue) fundraising

Now that you have personalized your fundraising page, set participation goals, and made a day-of plan, it is time to start fundraising! Check out the updated fundraising toolkit for resources on how to personalize your webpage, templates to write your fundraising email, and fundraising ideas during this worldwide pandemic. All resources have options for a virtual event.

STEP 6 – Get Social

Social media is a fast and easy way to turn friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors into donors. Think big and use your social media outlets to tap into a whole new network of people beyond just your immediate contacts. You’ll be surprised at the extra donations that can come in just by sharing your personal fundraising page on social media. Check out these social media resources, which have been modified for a virtual event in our Fundraising Toolkit.

STEP 7 – Celebrate Huntsman SportsFest Weekend

We'll be adding new information as it becomes available, so please check back often. This is the fun part, where your preparation and planning comes to fruition. Be sure to tune into the opening ceremonies (TIME AND DATE COMING SOON!) for event day inspiration. Now it's time to hit the road, path, trail, or however you choose to virtually participate! While we don’t require you to track mileage, we encourage you to use your favorite tracking app and save your virtual race to upload it into the mile tracker for the event day. 

For Cyclists Riding on a Trainer: Cyclists planning to participate in the Huntsman SportsFest via trainer are encouraged to download the RouvyAR (augmented reality) training platform on PC or mobile. This program will have the actual Huntsman Ride routes (all distances) available to virtual riders any time before and/or on event day. We hope that these videos will allow you to experience the beauty of the Huntsman Ride routes while safely logging your miles on your back porch or in the garage.

STEP 8 – Share your experience

During the event and after, we would love to see how you participated! Please share photos, videos, and/or tracking apps (Strava, iFit, etc.) results from your virtual event on June 12. We will be doing shoutouts during event day to those that are posting on our Huntsman Heroes Facebook page, our Instagram page, and to those who tag @HuntsmanHeroes or use the hashtag #HuntsmanSportsFest on their personal social media channels. Let your fellow participants and the world know about your accomplishments and how you are supporting cancer research.

STEP 9 – Thank your Donors

Please remember to thank your donors! During this time, especially, we want to let them know how much their support means. Do your best to celebrate each donation by sending a handwritten note, email, text, call, or even recognize them on your social media. It’s important to appreciate your supporters and let them know their contribution is valued.

STEP 10 – Receive your Incentive Items

The best incentive for raising money is knowing we are that much closer to eradicating cancer from the face of the earth. To add a little more fun to the mix, we have some great incentive items for different levels reached. Anyone who reaches their $500 before or on May 10, will guaranteed to receive their Huntsman Ride jersey before event day. Anyone who reaches the $500 level after May 10 will receive their jersey AFTER June 25.


  • $250 Raised – $10 off registration for the 2022 Huntsman Run
  • $500 Raised – Huntsman Run jersey and two tickets to the end-of-year Huntsman Heroes’ Celebration
  • $1,000 Raised – Huntsman Heroes’ team jacket


  • $250 Raised – $50 off registration for the 2022 Huntsman Ride
  • $500 Raised – Huntsman Ride jersey and two tickets to the end-of-year Huntsman Heroes’ Celebration
  • $1,000 Raised – Huntsman Ride cycling bib from DNA Cycling
  • $1,500 Raised – Guaranteed entry to 2022 LOTOJA (not comped)

Participants are encouraged to help raise funds through their personal fundraising pages. We recommend setting a goal of raising $500. Participants have the potential to receive all incentives and will receive each incentive as they reach different fundraising levels.

Thank you for joining us for the 2021 Huntsman SportsFest! Your participation will bring hope to cancer patients at Huntsman Cancer Institute and beyond, and ultimately help us get one step closer to an end to cancer. For that, we are forever grateful!