About Huntsman Heroes

Huntsman Heroes is a community of runners (and walkers), cyclists, stair climbers, and skiers who want to make a meaningful impact in the fight against cancer. From beginners to seasoned athletes, our team members take on a variety of endurance challenges while raising money for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

100% of funds raised are used to further cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute, and all donations are tax deductible.


  • No Event Fee - Huntsman Heroes covers event costs
  • Guaranteed Event Entry - skip the lottery, our team has 100 guaranteed entries to LOTOJA
  • Weekly Team Training Rides and Clinics for fundraisers - March through July
  • Training Guide and Schedule
  • Team Jersey
  • Personal Fundraising Web Page
  • Fundraising Incentives - team jerseys, jackets, cycling bibs, and more!
  • VIP Breakfast Celebration on Sunday - after the ride in Jackson


As a member of the Huntsman Heroes team, you agree to raise a minimum of $1,000 to participate ($500 per person if in a relay) in LoToJa. Don’t worry, fundraising is easier than it seems! We have lots of tips and tools to help you go above and beyond your fundraising goal in our TOOLKIT.

The best incentive for raising money is that we are that much closer to eradicating cancer. To add a little more fun to the mix, check out these incentives!

  • When Fundraising Minimum is Reached ($1,000 for individual riders or $500 per relay rider): Team Jersey 
  • $1,500 - Huntsman Cycling Bib Shorts OR Team Jacket - order information will be sent after LoToJa
  • $2,500 - Free hotel room at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming, for the first ten (10) fundraisers to reach this level 

Contact Us

Huntsman Cancer Foundation Events Team
[email protected]anfoundation.org

Mailing address
Huntsman Cancer Foundation
500 Huntsman Way,
Salt Lake City, UT 84108