New for 2024, Huntsman SportsQuest! This new Scavenger Hunt involves 2–5 individuals working together to accomplish various missions on Saturday, June 8. Find hidden bonus challenges from our sponsors, and take and share videos or photos of your team crushing each challenge while helping Huntsman Cancer Institute on its quest to cure cancer. Let the journey begin! Grab your friends, favorite siblings, or parents, and we’ll see you at Huntsman SportsQuest Scavenger Hunt.

Huntsman SportsQuest Participant Perks

  • Join the ranks of over one million donors supporting Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • Receive a personal and team fundraising webpage
  • Earn incentives for reaching different fundraising levels
  • Rack up points to be entered into the prize bucket drawings:
    • Level 1 | The Seeker | 10,000 points
    • Level 2 | The Explorer | 20,000 points
    • Level 3 | The Voyager | 30,000 points
    • Level 4 | The Adventurer | 40,000 points
    • Level 5 | Quest Master | 50,000+ points completed

Enjoy music, food, drinks, giveaways from sponsors, games, and a kid's zone play area at the Finish Line Festival after completing your quest.

How to Join SportsQuest 

  1. Pick your team of 2-5 people
  2. Register at
    *Every participant on your team, including minors/kids, must register on the Huntsman SportsFest website
  3. Download the Goosechase scavenger hunt app for your Apple or Android mobile device. Goosechase will host your challenges and points.
  4. Create a Goosechase account
  5. Get your teammates to register on the Huntsman SportsFest website by May 30
  6. Have your team join you on Goosechase
    *Not every teammate will need to download the app. You can have one or multiple phones on event day.
  7. Update your profile
  8. Enter the Huntsman SportsQuest access code on Goosechase
    *The access code will be sent out via email after May 30

Mission release dates:
Wednesday, May 30, through Saturday, June 8
We’ll release practice missions designed to help you get ready. They are also a way to get bonus points toward the main event, which begins on Saturday, June 8, at 7 am.

Saturday, June 8
We’ll release 200 new missions on Saturday June 8.

Huntsman SportsQuest Event Day Details—Saturday, June 8

  • 7 am: Missions released

  •   3 pm: Huntsman SportsQuest COMPLETE! All teams will need to check in at the SportsQuest desk at the Huntsman SportsFest Finish Line Festival.
  • 3:30 pm: Awards and drawings for top QUEST-ers at the Finish Line Festival